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Davie-Blue creates an immersive fantasy world in her classes.  Weaving together elements of story, drama and visual arts, she is pure magic with the children.  

Kelly Massey, Assistant Director, Sunshine Shack Preschool 


The moment Davie-Blue walks into your party, you will watch your tiny guests go from overexcited & somewhat manic, to completely enchanted. Davie-Blue brings a calm beauty into your party that you didn't know was possible with little children. She is soft spoken and yet gains the attention of an entire party with her magical presence. Kids and are drawn to her. Davie-Blue delights! Her imagination is contagious and her playfulness is charming for children and adults alike. If you want to have a party filled with creative and thoughtful play, as opposed to the usual cheesy and obvious children's party themes, then ask Davie-Blue to be at your next birthday party. 

Kathryne Dora Brown, Party mama